Sunday, 17 June 2018

10 Points To Consider At The Time Of Office Renovation

Planning is key to success for anything big or small and there cannot be two thoughts about this. The reason for planning is to get some pertinent answers to the various questions which you might have before embarking on a project. There is no doubt that renovating your office is also a project in itself and therefore it calls for the right planning and then moving forward. If you are planning to renovate your office and give it a new look, shape, design and functionality, then you must have the right answers to the various office renovation questions which you are likely to come across. We will therefore spend some time listing down ten important points to be considered when you are getting into the task of renovating your office. There is no doubt that such renovations are major projects and only when you have the right idea will you be able to move forward without too much of trouble and problems.

Be Crystal Clear About Your Goals

The first thing is to be clear about the goals and objective of such renovation work in your office. You must be able to clearly answer as to what you are planning to achieve through such renovation. You must be clear about the time frame which you would like to spend in your new office. Will it be for a few years or whether you are planning to be in the same office space for around a decade or even more? Are you making the changes just to satisfy your desires or is it for better servicing of your customers and clients? You must not hesitate in writing down these objectives and discuss the same with the various stakeholders and only then should you take the next step.

The Reasons Must Be Clear

The driving force behind such office renovation must be crystal clear to you and there cannot be any confusion on this. You must be clear about the technological upgrades you want, the renovation of the various facilities, the cosmetic changes which you wish to make and also the functional space changes which you have in mind. This will ensure that you not only have the reasons clear but you also will be able to match the budgets quite well. It will prevent you from budgeting for the wrong priorities. You may be in the need for a new carpet for your office and without this reason being clear, you could end up spending money on electrical and fixtures and fittings in the wall.

Put The Team Together 

Once the goals and reasons are clear, you must get into the job of putting a team for the renovation of the office. Having a team taking decision is always much better rather than taking everything by you as an individual. You cannot and will not be able to look at things from different perspectives which the team will be able to do.

Be Sure About The Starting Point

You must know where to start. Is the office sound and safe or do you need to make some changes to the building itself? Are you satisfied with the various facilities such as plumbing, water supply, electric supply and HVAC networks? You must be sure about the things you need to change and change right away. There is no point going back on your starting point half way through.

Difference Between Want And Need

You must be clear about your needs and wants. You should always try and stick to your needs and of course there are some areas where your wants could also matter. For example, investing big money on furniture may not be ideal when you know that the office may not be there after a few years because of acquisitions, mergers and so on. Hence you always must be aware of the future possibilities and try and strike the right balance between needs and wants.

Have A Generous Budget But Look At Ways To Trim It

Budgeting is a very important aspect when it comes to office renovation. You must always understand the need to be generous in budgeting without going overboard. Over-budgeting and then trimming it wherever possible is a much better way forward than under-budgeting and trying to look for funds once you have overshot them. You also must understand the importance of keeping a contingency plan in mind and normally this should be around 10% of the total budget. This could be for unforeseen expenses.

Be Realistic With Your Schedule And Timelines

It would always be advisable to go in for renovation during a lull as far as your business is concerned. This will help you to work with a free mind. You must also take into account contractor availability, weather, timelines for various business related projects and so on. The renovation must be staggered conveniently without overstretching it. Over stretching could lead to cost and budget overruns and should be avoided.

Do You Have An Exit Strategy

Once the renovation is over you must not feel bad about it. In other words, the renovation must ensure that you spend at least two to five years in the renovated space. Further you also must be sure that you will be able to recover the renovation cost should you decide to move to a better space or because of various other reasons. In other words, you must always have an exit alternative and strategy in mind.

Be Ready For Course Corrections

In spite of having the best of office renovation plans in mind, it is quite possible that you could go wrong somewhere. In such situations, you must be ready to go in for course corrections. While this should be avoided as much as possible, you must leave a room for the same under all circumstances and situations.

Importance Of Green Renovation

As a responsible corporate entity, big or small, you must be sure that your renovation is as green as it possibly can. You could take inputs from experts and look at various alternatives like LED lighting systems, energy efficient windows and so on. Having a green office will certainly interest many buyers going forward after a couple of years.


Hence at the end of the day there are quite a few important points which you must take into account when it comes to renovating your office.