Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Best Laminate Flooring Ideas To Add In Your Decor

When it comes to decorating our homes we put our heart and soul into it. We tend to look at each and every aspect of decorating our lovely warm nest for the family. From roofs to ceiling to curtains; every little aspect is critical when decorating home and matching tests of individuals in a family.

Coming straight to the point flooring is an important aspect in interior of a house and the most sought-after trend currently in flooring is the laminate flooring also called floating wood tile
Since 1977 Laminate flooring continues to be most popular and sought after flooring styles. The reason behind this all-time fame of laminate flooring is its durability, cost and most importantly its realistic photographic layers simulating the original solid wood.

Best choice for your Singapore home

As we all know a lot of flooring styles are in trend but each has their own pros and con. So are you confused regarding your choice of flooring? Don’t worry let’s take a closer look.

· With respect to durability laminate and vinyl styles excel. However, maintaining laminate flooring is easy. It can withstand humid and moist conditions also it doesn’t require special cleaning and waxing. You can sweep or vacuum laminate floor, however, avoid beater brush

· However laminate flooring installation requires lesser efforts than vinyl flooring. But the reason in my opinion for you to choose laminate flooring is its look and feel.

· You can choose or create a photograph as per your taste and employ it with laminate flooring.

· Vinyl also has different tastes, but when it comes to comfort laminate offers a warm touch compared to vinyl.

· Hardwood flooring is always considered good flooring, but when it comes to pricing I will recommend laminate flooring over hardwood. Laminate flooring is cost effective when compared to hardwood flooring and hence making it popular among Singaporeans.

So, are you ready to explore the best laminate flooring ideas and how you can use it in home decor to craft a show-stopping element in the house!

· Used or reclaimed wood look laminate - This laminate flooring can be the perfect choice for you if you like to keep it simple and natural. These laminate sheets have the realistic wood look. If you are tired of maintaining hardcore wood flooring go for it.

· Designer tile looks laminate -
Everybody loves the tiles. You can choose from a variety of tile designs from simple to advanced designs and apply them on your flooring without actually paying as much as real tiles! You can choose any design you want that you cannot afford with the original tiles, and employ them with laminated flooring. Freedom to design and yet cost effective right?

· Stone look laminate - If you love stones and want to give your house a touch of natural stones go for stone look laminate. It is easy, styling and family friendly. Various styles are available in stone look to match your taste

· Slate looks laminate - If you are crazy for nature and elegance slate look laminates are worth giving a try. They can add elegance to your room or leave room and believe me you will be admired for your unique taste!

· Weathered Laminate look - Weathered laminate flooring is a popular trend in the laminate flooring of 2017 for its appealing look. Imagine the woods, the winds, the shorelines, seas and the surface somewhat washed away with the riverside water and winds. Yes, if you want that kind of exposure to nature weathered laminate flooring will serve your purpose.

· Rustic charm laminate look - Rustic charm laminate styles are trending in the latest interior flooring decor styles. You can have rustic charm laminate flooring mimicking woods with the saw marks and somewhat grey, black or olive type mineral streaks marks.

· American chestnut recreation - Once Most popular hardwood styles in America are the chestnut hardwood. Chestnut hardwood gives a classic look for any type of home decor but it has become a rare hardwood now or the one which cannot be managed in a small budget. But guess what? You can still style your floors with chestnut hardwood with Chestnut look laminates. You can still recreate this original American form of wood flooring with realistic photographs embedded with laminate flooring.

· Exotic hardwood laminate - Exotic hardwoods species are known for their detailed and bold natural colors, graining and wood marks. There is a wide variety of exotic hardwood looks featuring natural streaks and you can get them all as per your taste with Laminate exotic look flooring. You can choose colors like mystic mahogany, dark sunset and spectacular variations in red and brown.

· White wash laminate look - You can give a classic beach house look to your house by using whitewash laminate flooring. Again, there are much woods, tiles or any one of your favorite flooring looks laminate looks you can combine with the classic whitewash.

· Dark espresso theme laminate -
Dark and deep shades have got their own uniqueness and elegance. Those who love deep and dark themes can add a gorgeous look to living rooms with deep espresso colors or black coffee colors.

· Smoky laminate flooring - the Smoky colored pattern is worth giving a try if you not satisfied with above-mentioned styles giving a harmonious feel to your dream house. Wide variety comes with Smokey pattern also like Smokey topaz, smoky brown, smoky dust, Smoky oaks. I will suggest smoky shades for your wardrobe or bathroom flooring. You can opt for water-resistant flooring for the bathroom.

· Brazilian walnut laminate: Brazilian walnut laminate look can style your floor with a dark chocolate theme. You can also choose dark reddish and deep shades for your flooring. Brazilian walnut features stunning look with a touch of natural vivid wood grain look. Brazilian walnut laminate is more popular than Brazilian walnut hardwood because of cost-effectiveness and yet simulating the original Brazilian walnut.

These are only some of the ideas for laminate flooring. There is still a variety of looks available in laminate flooring styles as per individual’s tastes and suitability. Laminate flooring can completely give a gorgeous look to your house in a cost-effective and easy way. Laminate flooring trends are becoming more and more popular among Singapore homeowners because of its durability, varieties and shiny looks. So, if you are thinking of decorating your new house or renovating your existing house go for this new trend in flooring. It is worth giving a shot to laminate flooring styles!