Sunday, 24 April 2016

Where Can I Find Sunday Aircon Repair Service in Singapore?

Is your Aircon unit is not working properly? Is it giving you trouble? Is it making some noises and as the result you are unable to sleep at night? Is some foul odor coming from your aircon unit? If the answers are yes, then you are in the need of some aircon servicing. In Singapore, the options are many. You will not find any difficulty in hiring one for you. Most of the services are experienced and they can fix the issue in a couple of hours. Moreover, some services are also available on Sunday.

As all the services are not open on Sundays, you need to do a little research to know about the availability of services on holidays. It is not about the availability only; you will have to inquire about their skill, experience, prices, and reputation as well. If you are looking for Aircon Servicing on Sundays and are unable to find one, then go through this articles. This article will offer you the information about the accessibility of aircon repairing servicing on Sundays and how to find them. Moreover, it will give the details of the three aircon services those are accessible on Sundays.

How to get aircon repairing services on Sundays in Singapore

This is a simple procedure. You can take the help of the internet research, ask your friends, and can go through the advertisements as well. By following these three methods, you can fix your aircon on Sundays. To help you more, below are the information of three reliable and reputed aircon repairing services of Singapore that remain open on Sundays.

• @bsolute Aircon

If you are looking for aircon repairing services on Sunday, then you can trust @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd. This company has a good reputation in Singapore. This company is able to offer quality aircon repairing service. To know more about their services, you can visit their website. You can contact them through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. You can also send them an email with all your queries; you will get the reply immediately. If required, you can also talk to them over the phone and can ask them about their availability, experience, and price.

As mentioned earlier, they offer their services every day including the Sunday. Hence, contact them whenever you find your aircon is not working properly and some servicing is required. Remember that it is not easy to live in Singapore without an aircon unit. Moreover, the prices of the aircon are also very high. So, always consider to repair it instead of replacing. @bsolute Aircon has required skill and experience to deal with any aircon problem.

Services and Prices

They offer general aircon servicing, aircon overhaul servicing, chemical cleaning, and troubleshooting. For the general servicing, they charge forty to hundred dollar depending the on requirement and condition of your aircon. If the unit is in very poor condition, you might need to spend more. For chemical cleaning, you will have to spend $80, and for aircon overhaul, the charge will be $150, and for the troubleshooting you might need to spend $ 50. Moreover, you can get up to sixty days warranty on their services. This is certainly a good option. If you want to utilize their service, then feel free to contact them.

• E Home services

E Home services are another option. These services are well equipped and well trained. They can offer you the best quality service within at affordable price. Moreover, they have a good reputation in this industry and have helped many people to fix their aircon problems. Their team is experienced to offer you the basic service and to fix some major problems as well. You can contact them to know more about their offered services and prices. They will be pleased to answer all your queries and to offer you service to resolve your aircon problem.

Services and Prices

Like the @bsolute Aircon repairing service, E Home services also provide all types of repairing and maintenance services that include general aircon servicing, checking or troubleshooting, aircon overhaul, and chemical cleaning. For the general aircon servicing, you might need to spend up to $100 to $120 depending on the condition of your aircon units. For the chemical cleaning, you will have to spend $80. For the aircon overhaul, you might need to spend $150, and the troubleshooting charges will be $50. The best thing is that you will get up to ninety days warranty on the servicing and thirty days warranty on the part replacement. Hence, visit them to utilize their services and fix your aircon issues on Sundays.

• Singapore Aircon Servicing

Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd is a popular name in Singapore. This servicing center also remains open on Sundays. You can contact them to fix your aircon problems. Their team is experienced and is able to fix any of your repairing and cleaning problems. You can call them to fix your aircon issues or for basic servicing. Their price is affordable. After getting your call, their technician will reach you to evaluate the condition. They will suggest you the repairing services after checking your aircon unit. You can visit their website to know more about their services and prices. For the basic troubleshooting service, they charge $50.

Services and prices

Like the above two, Singapore Aircon Servicing also offers all types of repairing and basic aircon services. Their offered services are general aircon servicing, troubleshooting, aircon overhaul, and chemical cleaning. For general aircon servicing, there is no fixed fee, the charges will depend on the condition of your aircon unit. They normally charge $50 for one fan coil and for more coils you will have to pay less. For chemical cleaning, you might need to spend $80 for one coil, and for the aircon overhaul, the charge will be $150. And you will get up to ninety days warranty on their services.

The charges of all the above three services are more or less same. You can contact any of them to repair your aircon unit on Sundays. The climate of Singapore usually remains hot. It is unbearable to live in Singapore without an aircon unit. As we know, aircon units are expensive. Hence, if you want to use it for a longer time then it is better to go for an annual servicing.


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