Monday, 21 November 2016

Should I Paint My Home Or Install Wallpaper?

When you think about renovation work for your home, then you need to plan a number of things for that. For this renovation work many people do not face any trouble selecting their furniture, carpet or curtain, but when it comes about their walls, then they always stay in dilemma. They fail to decide between wallpaper and pain and they keep wondering to find a solution for same. If you are in the same situation and you also wonder if you should paint your home or you shall install wallpaper in it, then this article may help you in that.

Please understand, I cannot suggest you to take your decision on my opinion because my opinions can be biased or judgmental and may not be suitable for you. But I am going to share all the pros and cons of wallpaper and pain in your home and then you can take your decision in a much wiser manner.

Preparation time: In your home renovation work, you may not have much time in your hand you may wish to finish the task as soon as possible. That is why time plays and important role in your selection. If you already have a plastered surface that does not have lot of damages in it, then you would not need a lot of preparation time for same. However, this is not the case with paint because you may need to give a lot of time for preparation before you actually start the painting. First you need to smooth the surface, after that you will have to use primer or putty and you can start the paint work only when this primer is dried up. That means paint will need much more time compared to using wallpaper for your home renovation work.

Life time: The lifetime of wallpaper can be very long compared to paint considered you take good care of it. If you or any one in your home will use the walls as a dart board or if they would push knife and folks in it then it may not survive for a very long time. But if you can take good care of it, then wallpaper may last for several years and you will have nothing but good looks in your home all the time. You cannot have this freedom with paint because it will fade away in some time and you will have to paint it against to get good looks. Also, there may be other factors that can affect the paint work and that will not be a good thing for you in any manner. Hence, if you cannot give regular time for this, then also choosing wallpaper would be a good choice. But if you like to have new looks every time, then you can certainly go ahead with paint.

Cost: The cost of the paint and wallpaper may vary depending on your choices. If you will choose a paint that is very costly then you may end up paying so much money for that home renovation works. We can say the same thing for wallpaper as well because there can be a wide range of wallpapers available for you and its cost changes with quality and material that you choose. Sometime that material can be very costly and sometime it can be cheaper. So, that is something you need to decide on your preference. As far as application cost is concerned, you will need to pay much less money for the wallpaper compared to paint. And if you do it by yourself, then you will need much lesser tool for wallpaper installation compared to painting your home for renovation.

Look and feel: This can vary on people’s own preference because some people may like the textured finish of wallpaper and some may prefer smooth finish of paint. If you want to have textured finish in paint, then you can get that as well with some extra efforts. But some people want to have more than that and they prefer designs like flowers, animals or nature on their wall. A paint work cannot offer these things to you in any condition, but if you choose wallpaper then you can certainly get all these things. So, if you want to something special in your home, then you can choose wallpaper and if you prefer a home that looks elegant, classy and simple look, then choosing paint would be right for you. Here, you can choose an option that suit best for you without any pressure or force.

Future changes: If you want to change your wallpaper in the future then things may not remain as easy for you. First you will have to remove the entire wallpaper and that will take a lot of your time and effort. That mean next time when you will start your home renovation work, then it can rupture your timeline unless you get the new layer of wallpaper on existing layer. And if you do it, then you will have to do it properly to get the best outcome. At the other hand, changing the look of walls from paint is quite simple and easy. For changing the paint you just need to apply a new layer of paint on existing one. If you don’t get the desired colour in one coat of the paint, then you can apply one or two more quotes on it. And if you decide to change the colour completely, you will have freedom for that as well in paint point.

There can be various other pros and cons as well that are associated with wallpaper and paint. So, if you are in dilemma about selecting one of these options for your home renovation, then don’t ask people if you should install wallpaper I your home or you should paint it. Instead of that you shall check all the pros and cons of both the option, evaluate if it suits well with you and then take your decision for the best results.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Primary Roles And Responsibilities Of Renovation Contractor

A renovation contractor is an expert with a broad range of responsibilities and duties, especially when it comes to building construction and renovation of business premises as well as residential houses. Well, an individual of the above caliber has a great job that entails hard work and an ultimate review of several processes which go hand-in-hand with renovations of structures and buildings. Needless to say, many of the building renovator’s job duties as well as responsibilities will be analyzed in the subsequent paragraphs. But to start with, who is a renovation contractor?

Renovation Contractor defined

A restoration contractor is a building expert who engages in the planning, coordinating, and developing ideas or activities which coincide with the renovation of a building or structures. In other words, this is an individual who oversees the renovation of a building and ensures that all the necessary steps and procedures are followed to the latter.

Traits of a good renovation contractor

Before unveiling some of the duties, roles, and responsibilities of a repair contractor, it is quite to explain some other few things that you need to consider when looking for a good renovation contractor. In other words, what are some of the traits of a good renovation contractor?

Despite the fact that each and every improvement contractor has a little bit different traits from others, but the truth of the matter is that there certain traits which comprise a good renovation contractor. Some of them include the following:

• Possession of decisive skills
• A good remodeling contractor must have the right working experience
• Have the ability to do the job in a quick, effective, and efficient manner
• Demonstrate the highest level of leadership skills
• Excellent renovation contractors must have top-notch skills on how to resolve issues in a speedy and quick fashion
• Ability to know how to troubleshoot a building and renovation problems and come up with solutions
• And much more

General responsibilities of a renovation contractor

Now that you know some of the traits to consider when planning to hire a remodeling contractor. The next question is: what are the broad responsibilities of a building/structure renovation contractor?

In general, the responsibilities of a repair contractor include planning and carrying out all appropriate activities related to the renovation of the building, dwelling, or any other structure. In most cases, the renovation contractor carries out his or her duties by being in charge of employees, planning how the renovation project will be conducted, and making sure that the project is completed in a manner that coincides with all the rules, laws, and regulations of Singapore.

Specific roles and responsibilities of a renovation contractor

There are several duties and roles which a renovation contractor must complete on a daily basis so that the renovation project is completed in a correct and timely manner. Without further ado, the following are eminent:

#1. Implement the renovation plan
The first role of the above contractor is to implement the renovation plan. This duty extends a little bit far, from hiring workforces to developing a step-by-step timeframe that the renovation project will follow from the start to the end.

#2. Acquiring permits and licenses
Apart from implementing the renovation plan, a renovation contractor is responsible for obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses from the relevant entities and authorities so that the renovation project kicks-off. Generally, in Singapore, any contractor must be in possession of the relevant documents, certification, and licenses before starting any project.

#3. Budgeting
Matters related to budgeting is another essential item that falls into the hands of a renovation contractor. In fact, establishing the cost of the renovation, tools, and materials is the responsibility of the contractor. After drawing the budget, the contractor is supposed to follow that budget as closely as possible to ensure accountability is upheld. In other words, instituting and monitoring the budget is one of the pressing matters that every renovation contractor should be concerned so that the renovation project is completed as envisioned in the beginning. If the budget is adhered to as planned, it will allow the renovation contractor to hire workers, obtain supplies, and complete the renovation in a cost-effect manner.

#4. Procuring renovation materials
Procurement of renovation materials for the project is another pivotal role of a renovation contractor. Indeed, it is widely known that renovation projects cannot be executed and completed without the necessary tools and materials. Therefore, it is up to the contractor to ensure that building and renovation materials are available in time. In most cases, an excellent contractor selects a material supplier who delivers materials promptly and good condition.

#5. Does an extensive research on current renovation regulations
Another role of a renovation contractor is to carry out and extensive research in matters regarding relevant laws and regulations akin to the renovation process. Indeed, there are tens and hundreds of laws which state where, when, and how a renovator contractor and his/her crew should renovate a structure. As a matter of fact, these legislations and regulations must be recognized and followed to the latter to ensure that the project is completed in a law-abiding manner.

#6. Reviewing the renovation process
Throughout the renovation process, the renovation contractor is liable for reviewing the process as well as implementing any changes that come along the way. Indeed, the renovation contractor has to follow the particular renovation project closely, and if they are any changes that deemed to be effected, then it is the role of that contractor to do so.

#7. Handle emergencies
Lastly, the renovation contractor is the responsible person who deals with issues related to emergencies and surprises. If an accident occurs at the repair site, then the contractor is one who offers directions and guidance. To ensure that renovation work is handled safely, the renovator contractor conducts series of safety lessons to all employees. These lessons are vital as it allows the workforce to carry out their duties adhering to safety rules and regulations.


The list of some of the roles and responsibilities of a renovation contractor is just endless, but those mentioned above are just but a few. Renovation contractors are experts with multi-faceted and demanding roles and responsibilities. Those renovation contractors who are steadfast, seek quick resolutions, and steadfast are the ones who are more likely to prosper in their occupation.

Monday, 26 September 2016

8 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

A bathroom is a very important component of any house. It is a place where people go to refresh themselves up. Although most people do not spend long hours in the bathroom, it is a room that needs to be very well maintained at all times. This not only means that you need to regularly clean the bathroom, but that every once in a while, you might need to renovate it.

People in Singapore renovate bathrooms for a number of reasons. For one thing, there are bathrooms that may lack certain components that you deem necessary in a bathroom. Sometimes, people want to keep up with current trends in bathroom designs that make these rooms a lot more comfortable. At other times, people may renovate a bathroom simply because they want to change how it looks. There are many ways you can renovate your bathroom. Some are as simple as buying a new towel bar and others can be as major as replacing a whole bathtub. Here are a few ideas on bathroom renovations:

1. The Vanity
This is without doubt the most attention grabbing piece in the bathroom, and it should work to flatter the whole look of your bathroom. If you want to change the face of your bathroom, it would be a nice idea to start with the vanity. You could choose to change its color so that it matches with the walls of your bathroom.

Also, you might consider having it enlarged so that you have more storage space, which is something that most bathrooms are in dire need of. Additionally, you could choose to change the whole vanity in favor of a better, water- resistant material, which makes your bathroom a lot better. Whatever you choose to do with the vanity, make sure that it will complement all the other parts of the bathroom, because it holds in it equal power to completely ruin the image of your bathroom.

Moreover, if there is no mirror above your vanity, it would be a good idea for you to put one. Mirrors do wonders for the lighting of your bathroom, not to mention how functional they are.

2. The Walls
When it comes to the walls of your bedroom, there is simply no limit to the number of materials you can choose. Tiles are a favorite for most people and for good reason too, because they are easy to clean and are water resistant. If the walls of your bedroom have been feeling wet for a while, it is time you changed them as well as looked into possible plumbing problems that may be making them wet.

In addition to having tiled walls of any color, preferably a light color, you might consider having wall murals on your bathroom walls. With these, you can literally have any background of your choice, which will make your experience at the bathroom far much enjoyable.

3. Flooring
The most common floors for bathrooms are Vinyl, tiles and even carpeted floors. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages, and mostly, it is a matter of personal preference. While carpeted bathroom floors are warmer and fluffy, you might have to contend with dampness in the bathroom because carpets are prone to absorbing water. Tiles on the other hand are easy to clean and hardy, but they can get very cold especially if they are not heated. Vinyl is a bit warner than tiles, and is easy to clean, but it is still not as comfortable as the carpeted floors. So depending on what you value the most in a shower, you can choose to change your current floor to any of these.

4. Bathtubs
Nothing spells luxury better than being able to fully stretch your whole body in a bathtub and just relax in the water. Over time however, these bathtubs can become dysfunctional for one reason or another, and this calls for a renovation. Although replacing a bathtub can be very expensive, it is worth the effort if you value your comfort. If you have a tight budget to stick to, you might consider having a quality second hand bathtub installed for you, and that way, you will cut down on cost.

5. Showers
Showers are extremely important in any bathroom. They are in fact the most functional component of a bathroom, particularly because most times people don’t have much time to linger in a bathtub when they are running late for work. It is therefore advisable that you invest in a good shower, because chances are, it is the component of your bathroom that you will use the most. Make sure that your shower measures at least 4 by 6 feet, so that your experience will be a lot more enjoyable.

6. Toilets
It is important to keep the toilet in your bathroom in good shape at all times. Another rule of thumb when it comes to the toilet is that it needs to be hidden and discreet. To achieve this, you might consider building a half- wall to hide the toilet from view. Alternatively, you can have an armoire or dresser separate the toilet from the rest of the room, and you will achieve the same effect.

7. Sinks
They may appear to be the smallest components of your shower, but you should not underestimate the power they have of improving the overall look of your bathroom. If you install classic stainless steel faucets to replace the old taps at your sinks, the change can create a near magical effect. Make sure that you use durable material on your sinks. You might consider replacing porcelain with stainless steel or enamel on steel in order to have a more durable and beautiful sink.

8. Towel Bars
Towels are in great supply in any bathroom, and it is a good idea to have towel bars in your bathroom. You could get a bit more creative with this, and have the bars in the shape of a ladder, so that you have your towels displayed to everyone who enters the bathroom. Make a point to buy towels with the same color as the walls of your bathroom or your vanity, to bring some color consistency to the bathroom.


Renovating a bathroom can be fun and exciting, but making poor choices may be something you end up regretting for a long time. Choose to renovate your bathroom in a way that makes all the components blend well with each other, and you will always have a smile when you enter the room.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Why Investing In Office Renovation Is Better Than Home Renovation

Office is a place where we spend most of the time in a day. These days people actually used to give more time to their office than to their home. So the design of the office should be in such a way that can have a positive impact on employees. It should create an attraction to the clients. So recreating the design of office renovation can give a massive and positive impact on your health, happiness, and work environment.

After renovating your home you can enjoy it for some days, and sell it later for a higher profit. Renovation can make your home to look chic and beautiful from shabby, at the same time it ends up costing you. Some renovations can also damage your home value. On the other hand, you would not get the money you have spent on renovation, if you sell your home in future. It is true that you will get more value than before the renovation but if you sit down and calculate then you will find that you didn't get the money you had spent on renovation back.

Home designs are based on the owner's personal choice and it may be time taking. Where as, office designs are done in a common platform that can take much lesser time to be done.

Home renovation can give losses 

Turning your home into office: It is definite that working on your own space is quite peaceful. If you are thinking to turn one room of your home into your working space, then you will earn very lower return. Because all your investments are depending on the functionality of your space.

Beautifying the space overly: Buyers are always looking for something with good quality and which looks beautiful. So luxurious designs with quality materials is always the best way to go. If you have renovated your room to a master bedroom suite with kitchenette, sitting room and high end fire place, that each night any one can enjoy this personal hotel room. But the fact is you will not receive a big return from your lavish investment. Before its renovation you have added the value of the room which is just about half of the price of your investment.

Poor construction: You should pay maximum attention to the quality of construction. Because this thing is very essential. If you don't provide budget quality work, it will be result in a loss.

Creating space according your wish: If you want to make your dining room into wine room or if you want to make your living room into miniature, for instance creating the spaces as you like can be a reason for huge loss in future.

Good to invest in office renovation 

Creating a good impression and stress free environment: "First impression is the last impression". If the design of your office is well enough after office renovation, many clients will be attracted by it. Investing on office design is always a good idea for making your office more current and professional look.

Designing your working space is a great way to create inspiration and comfort zone to the employees. So office renovation is indirectly proportional to the increasing productivity.

Dirty, small and out dated office can be a reason of stress for your employees. In this case office renovation is must to free from stress and for keeping a healthy working environment.

Hiring a designer: If you have an eye of design then you can make the design with your own style. But if you don't have the eye of design, hiring a designer for office renovation is a great way to bring a new perspective and to make the design in higher level. Designer can help the design to look trendy and stylish. Designer can make the designs by understanding your taste and requirements. So if you want to make the design with a particular theme or want your working space to tell a story, by hiring a designer you can transform it to a visual experience.

Singapore is the best place to invest in office renovation : In Singapore You can find a numerous number of interior designer, consultants, contractor and project or portfolio manager who are the experts in office renovation. There are many local industries which provide these professional services. These providers help you to manage official construction with work, time, schedule, road map and plan. You will get most cost effective and innovative ideas in Singapore for office renovation. They will provide the best quality work with your specification and requirement. They not only provide unique designs but all works will be done in a mentioned time frame.

Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty says, foreign investors are interested in Singapore property but depending on the re-zoning, new developments in the area and infrastructure. But while investing in office renovation you must consider some factors.

At first you need to decide you are going to invest for the office renovation in the industrial sector or warehouse. Whatever you decide it will give you profit at the end.

Maximum properties of Singapore are leasehold and some are freehold. Leasehold properties are cheaper than freeholds. The tenure shouldn't be a matter of concern if rental income covers the coverage. To match your initial budget you should go for tenure type. Location is also an important factor for the investment. It can decide your investment will go for loss or profit.

If you are planning to buy a property then you should be aware of 7% GST you have to absorb in addition to paying. Property tax will be 10 % for all offices. and it is included in rental calculation also. While office renovation if you need loan, bank will give maximum 80% loan of the property value. For maintenance and renovation additional costs are not limited. You should keep maintaining your office from its best condition.

So while investing in office renovation you need to think about so many things. Considering all factors you definitely get a good service in Singapore. while investing here you don't need to think about budget, time, designs, labors, services with a proper guidance. Singapore provide the best services in office renovation.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

6 Tips On Toilet Renovation

The bathroom is a haven within a home, serving as your very own sanctuary of a private place. Keeping it clean not only ensures proper maintenance, but keeps it from becoming an unpleasant and hideous sight. Bestowing a fresh new look and theme can make your area for personal hygiene activities quite comfortable. However, many homeowners in Singapore hesitate to do a toilet renovation thinking that it can be too expensive or regards it as one very tedious task to undertake. You can actually get started even with a small budget, and little by little, you will surely arrive at your goal of a dream bathroom. Here are 6 useful tips to make the process a lot easier towards a successfully renovated bath you've always wanted to have at home:

1. Invest in High-Quality Materials
Start from the tiles, which usually comprise a huge part of the toilet area including the walls, countertops, and floors. Sometimes, people skip this step especially when they deem the existing ones will do. However, changing the tiles altogether allows you to achieve optimal results in the end. Carefully consider your options not only in terms of style and design, but choose among durable and waterproof flooring that will keep you safe and give you a long-lasting investment in return. Ceramic, stone, and marble are popular choices for both aesthetics and superior qualities, which can be used as flooring and wall enhancements. When choosing wallpapers, put your money in the kind that can withstand splashes and splatters of water for a long-lasting toilet wall feature. See to it that you purchase furnishings and fixtures that is not really the cheapest nor the most expensive of all. Look for materials that exhibit class, reliability, and durability, having been designed for long-term bathroom use.

2. Make Use of Full Mirrors
Some Singapore homes were not built with a very big bathroom, nor can the toilet area be increased due to limited space. In this case, full-sized mirrors can make a huge difference. Incorporating mirrors in your wall during the process is a great part of a toilet renovation work plan. Though it won't literally increase the space, your toilet will seem bigger and more comfortable with the elegance of clean and clear mirrors or glass. If you already have a big bathroom, then at least one or two regular mirrors will do. It's not necessarily full-sized types, but stylish ones for both its functional purpose and aesthetic effect. You can opt for glass material even for the doors itself, which exhibits the open concept wherein the bath is directly connected to the bedroom with just a glass door. It's perfect for homes where this kind of setup is comfortable and acceptable for the people who live in it.

3. Install a Bath or Soak Tub
Having a bathtub is sheer pleasure and lets you indulge in a luxurious bath once in a while right in your own home. If space in your toilet does not permit the size of a bathtub, it doesn't mean you will have to do without one and feel you're missing out on the opportunity to own a tub. A great alternative is a soak tub, which grants you luxury and relaxation much like a bath tub experience. A soak tub is generally shorter in length, but deeper compared to a bath tub which makes it perfect for small bathrooms. This option lets you incorporate a tub easily in your toilet renovation project without worrying about the space it will take up.

4. Leave Pipes Exposed
The thought of exposed pipes alone is not so attractive, and it's common to plan on covering them with furniture or other material in the bathroom. However, obscured pipes often prevent early detection of leaks and other plumbing problems. You can instead leave the pipes exposed as a decorative art piece that can contribute to a contemporary bathroom look. It's the latest trend of transforming the toilet area into a unique and gorgeous part of the home without the added expense. Simply paint the exposed pipes and get creative. Mix and match with the color of your sink and pick a shade that blends well with your theme and preferred color combination.

5. Use Varying Fittings and Fixtures
Some toilets do not allow a lot of space to add extra pieces of furniture, but good quality fittings can effectively create more space in the bathroom. Fittings can help you optimize each and every corner and available portion of your bath area to render functional, while stimulating the look of a comfortable toilet space. Different kinds of fixtures can complement your theme and endow your toilet its own style, while giving you everything you need within reach. Fixtures pertain to the basin, sink, shower heads, faucets, pipes and taps, and other essential accessories to complete the bathroom setup and ambiance. You can make your toilet renovation more fun with a personalized touch, such as enveloping the bathroom in a cool under the sea, beach, or pirates theme.

6. Break Wall Connections
Turn two bathroom areas into one and come up with a bigger and better toilet at home. This can be achieved by demolishing the adjoining wall that connects your shower and toilet space, which does not only relieves the space the wall once occupied, but creates a modern bathroom look. There are instances wherein two adjacent bathrooms can be turned into one, which downsizes to just one toilet within the house, but a much more spacious personal private space for your to enjoy luxury whenever you wish. Another alternative is to use a glass wall instead of the bulky type of partition.

With these 6 steps, you can remodel your bathroom on a budget. Make certain that nothing is overlooked during the process, including the installation of electrical and energy devices, ventilation, aside from the plumbing components. You can avoid encountering trouble along the way and unnecessary expenses in the future if everything is taken care of during renovation. It's best to seek the help of experts and professionals who can guide you in decision-making from planning to designing up to the finishing touches.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Roller Blinds - What You Need To Know

Roller blinds are an excellent way to modernize your windows while accenting the interior style of your home. There are a variety of different styles of roller blinds available, and the different fabric and color choices offer endless possibilities when it comes to decorating. Made from stiffened fabric, roller blinds are easy to maintain and care for, and can be operated with a pull cord or remote. Exploring all of the different styles of roller blinds can help you to determine which style would work best for you.

Light Control and Privacy
There are various styles of roller blinds, and they all produce different types of light and privacy control. If you are searching for ultimate privacy and need to block out all light, then black out roller blinds are much better. These thicker material blinds are made with 100% light blocking material that doesn't let any light in when drawn down; they also do not allow anyone to see into your home.

For the best of both worlds, consider a new day/night style of a roller blind. These innovative style blinds are a two in one mode that gives a light filtering blind for the daytime, and a privacy black out shade for night. This provides a warm filtering of light for entering your home during the day and lets you relax in absolute privacy at night-time.

Many styles of roller blinds also offer a balance between the two. Plain roller blinds are made from various types of material and allow a filtering of light all day long. Lace and sunscreen roller blinds enable you to keep your view still outside while filtering light. These types of blinds do not provide much in the way of privacy, however, so they are best suited to rooms in your home where privacy is less important such as the kitchen or dining room.

Interior Design and Decoration
Exploring what kind of look or style you want to add to the rooms of your home can also help you decide which style of roller blinds you want. There are different kinds of materials that roller blinds can be formed from, and you can even match the material and color of a roller blind to the furnishings of your home.

Envelope castellated, and eyelet roller blinds all provide a variation on regular rollers and create a unique look with their varied shapes and accents. Envelope roller blinds have an envelope shape at the very bottom of the blind for a sophisticated balance look when the roller blind is pulled up. Castellated roller blinds have scallops at the lower part of the blind, which are reminiscent of the top of a castle. Eyelet blinds offer small metalwork circles in the lower part of the blind for added detail and a different look.

Different textures are another way that you can enhance the look of your home with the addition of roller blinds. Textured weave roller blinds give your blinds a 3D appearance that forms a deep contrast to flat colored walls. Sheer roller blinds give a Venetian appearance and feel of your home. These blinds have a strip of sheer fabric in between two pieces of solid fabric, and can be adjusted with a pull cord to open and close the slats just like a Venetian blind. When you determine what kind of look you want to create with roller blinds, you are one step closer to choosing the style that is best for you.

Colour and Care
Roller blinds are notoriously durable, but even permanent blinds need care and attention every once in a while. Before you choose the type of fabric and style for your roller blinds, you may want to think about how you can clean it, how much care it will require, and how often. Some fabrics are beautiful, but difficult to clean and maintain. If you don't have much time to spend on blind roller care, you will want to choose the fabric that can be easily wiped down and maintained.

Colour is crucial when selecting roller blinds that are perfect for your home. Different colors lend themselves better to one style of roller blind than another. For example, lighter colors can be used with black out roller blinds, but you may want to consider a darker color for a more dramatic effect. Match the color to your interior, or choose a color that will make a statement while contrasting your current interior color scheme.

With the many different types of roller blinds and the variety of features that each provides, choosing the right style for you can often be a daunting task. If you take the time to explore all of the various forms and what they can do for your home, the decision becomes easier to make. Choosing the right style of roller blinds can give your home a modern and elegant look while keeping out light and providing a level of privacy that you are comfortable with.

Varieties of Roller Blinds and Their Application
One of the most versatile forms of decor is the roller blind. It is inexpensive, safe, and customizable. From children's rooms to kitchens, from blackouts to solar panels, the roller blind is the perfect way to add visual aesthetics to any space.

Children's Room Roller Blinds
Using roller blinds in children's rooms are much safer than using most standard blinds. Most roller blinds have no chords or open spaces. There are no choking or strangling hazards. Plus, the sky is the limit on customization. Roller blinds can be made using any fabric. They can even be made using digital transfers. What better way to display a child's art than by having it hung in the child's window for everyone to see?

Kitchen Roller Blinds
There is no better way to cover the odd shaped windows found in kitchens. Due to the ease of customization, roller blinds can be fit to order. No more searching through stores to find blinds that are an exact width, or searching all over the internet to find blinds that are the correct length. Any supplier of roller blinds can easily change the width and duration of both the cloth and roller.

Roller blinds are the most varied form of blinds on the market. They have improved to satisfy the needs of any customer. The following is a list of specific types of roller blinds, what they are, and what needs to satisfy.

Blackout Roller Blinds
These blinds can be made from many fabrics. They can be any color, even white. The essential feature of blackout blinds is that they block out heat and light, which is perfect for a bedroom. They were particularly helpful for night shift workers.

Solar Roller Blinds
Solar blinds can make from a greater variety of fabrics and fabric textures. They can also be any color. Their purpose is to check the amount of light penetrating a room. Because they do not require to block all light, they can be constructed from lighter weight fabric than blackout blinds. These blinds are ideal for the living areas such as kitchens and living rooms.

Outdoor Roller Blinds
Outdoor roller blinds are built from much heavier elements than inside roller blinds. Usually, the material is a weather covered polyethylene with stainless steel hardware and rope or plastic chords. One application for these blinds is to shade extra-large or multi-paned windows or sunrooms. They are made to allow air through the shade, but to moderate the amount of sun that passes through.

Double Roller Blinds
A double roller blind is a single roller blind that covers two windows.

Any of these roller blinds can be easily customized for color, pattern, trim, pulls, poles, and braids. Decals can be added. Except for the outdoor blind, any of these roller blinds can be cut on the bottom to fit the decor of the room. Roller blinds are an exceptional way to add to the personality of any home.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

What is the Best Part Time Maid Agency in Singapore?

 When you want to clean your home completely, you have to choose a good and reliable cleaning company in this country. Some companies are going to offer great part time maid agency service for all customers. This service is very useful to help you keep your property as clean as possible. Before you decide to select the best part time maid agency for yourself, you can take a look at this article now. Here are top 3 popular cleaning service companies that are available in Singapore. You will never have to regret with your choice when choosing any of these popular services now.

1. Absolute Cleaning
The most popular leading part time maid company that is available in Singapore. You will be impressed with the overall quality of this company. There are some professional part time maids that are available in this company. They are ready to help you keep your property as clean as possible. They know how to clean any properties, including office, home, and also apartment easily. You can contact this company when you want to hire some professional maids for cleaning your property completely. You should be able to rely on the overall quality and also professionalism from these maids.

This cleaning company offers some great services for all customers, including spring cleaning, curtain cleaning, carpet cleaning, laundry, and also aircon service. You can select the right service that is suitable for your own needs. If you hire the best part time maid cleaning service from this company, you should be able to enjoy all great services from this company now. There are some great packages that are offered by this cleaning company. Absolute Cleaning company can be a perfect solution for you who want to keep your property as clean as possible. This company can provide regular cleaning services for all customers nowadays.

When you are ready to clean your property regularly, you can simply contact Absolute Cleaning service Singapore today. This company is available for 24 hours a day, so you can contact this company at anytime you want. There are some reliable professional customer service representatives who are working with this company. They know how to choose the best service that is suitable for your needs. This company is suitable for you who want to hire the best guaranteed cleaning service for all customers. Contact this company today for asking about all available packages and services from this company.

2. Part Time Maid Singapore
If you are looking for a good part time maid service in Singapore, you can take a look at this cleaning company. Part Time Maid Singapore is the leading house cleaning and also spring cleaning service for all customers. You will be impressed with the overall quality and also performance of this company. This company is very well-known for its domestic helpers or part time maids who's always ready to cleanse your property completely. They have a lot of skills, knowledge, and also experience, so they can clean your home, office, and apartment as clean as possible.

This company also provides complete cleaning equipment and materials for all customers, for example mop, table cloths, window cleaning spray, kitchen solution spray, floor detergent, cleaning brush, gloves, green wool scrub, and also all purpose cleaning solution. All of these cleaning supplies can clean your property quickly. You don't need to spend a lot of money for purchasing any unnecessary cleaning supplies that are available today. It can be the best time for you to choose the best cleaning equipment that is good for your own needs in your home now.

When you read some reviews from other customers, you can find many good reviews about this company. Most people are happy with the service package and quality offered by this Part Time Maid Singapore. You will be able to find many good features and benefits that are offered by this company. This company can provide high quality part time maid service at very affordable and low price. Therefore, this service is suitable for all customers who want to clean their properties regularly. Contact Part Time Maid Singapore for learning more about this company and all available services from this cleaning company.

3. Auntie Cleaner
There are some good features that you can get from this cleaning company. Auntie Cleaner can provide one stop solution for all customers. This company offers some great services, including part time maid, spring cleaning, and also domestic cleaning. It means that you can select the right cleaning package that is good for your own needs. You can have flexibility when working with this Auntie Cleaner company. Contact this company when you want to know about all services and packages that are offered by this cleaning company nowadays. You should never have to regret on your choice when hiring this cleaning company today.

Auntie Cleaner also offers green cleaning solution for all customers nowadays. This green cleaning solution is very useful to clean your home without damaging the environment. This company always wants to use safe and eco-friendly cleaning supplies for all customers. There are some green products that are commonly used by this company today. These green products are very useful to clean properties without causing pollution to the environment. Therefore, many people are interested in using any great cleaning service packages from Auntie Cleaner nowadays.

When you are looking for the best part time maid service at very affordable price, you can take a look at Auntie Cleaner today. This company has official website that displays all important information about this company. You can contact this company for asking about all available packages and options from this company. You will be able to impressed with the overall service quality that is offered by this cleaning company. Its part time maid service is very useful to help you keep your property as clean as possible without spending a lot of your own valuable money and time in your daily life.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Where Can I Find Sunday Aircon Repair Service in Singapore?

Is your Aircon unit is not working properly? Is it giving you trouble? Is it making some noises and as the result you are unable to sleep at night? Is some foul odor coming from your aircon unit? If the answers are yes, then you are in the need of some aircon servicing. In Singapore, the options are many. You will not find any difficulty in hiring one for you. Most of the services are experienced and they can fix the issue in a couple of hours. Moreover, some services are also available on Sunday.

As all the services are not open on Sundays, you need to do a little research to know about the availability of services on holidays. It is not about the availability only; you will have to inquire about their skill, experience, prices, and reputation as well. If you are looking for Aircon Servicing on Sundays and are unable to find one, then go through this articles. This article will offer you the information about the accessibility of aircon repairing servicing on Sundays and how to find them. Moreover, it will give the details of the three aircon services those are accessible on Sundays.

How to get aircon repairing services on Sundays in Singapore

This is a simple procedure. You can take the help of the internet research, ask your friends, and can go through the advertisements as well. By following these three methods, you can fix your aircon on Sundays. To help you more, below are the information of three reliable and reputed aircon repairing services of Singapore that remain open on Sundays.

• @bsolute Aircon

If you are looking for aircon repairing services on Sunday, then you can trust @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd. This company has a good reputation in Singapore. This company is able to offer quality aircon repairing service. To know more about their services, you can visit their website. You can contact them through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. You can also send them an email with all your queries; you will get the reply immediately. If required, you can also talk to them over the phone and can ask them about their availability, experience, and price.

As mentioned earlier, they offer their services every day including the Sunday. Hence, contact them whenever you find your aircon is not working properly and some servicing is required. Remember that it is not easy to live in Singapore without an aircon unit. Moreover, the prices of the aircon are also very high. So, always consider to repair it instead of replacing. @bsolute Aircon has required skill and experience to deal with any aircon problem.

Services and Prices

They offer general aircon servicing, aircon overhaul servicing, chemical cleaning, and troubleshooting. For the general servicing, they charge forty to hundred dollar depending the on requirement and condition of your aircon. If the unit is in very poor condition, you might need to spend more. For chemical cleaning, you will have to spend $80, and for aircon overhaul, the charge will be $150, and for the troubleshooting you might need to spend $ 50. Moreover, you can get up to sixty days warranty on their services. This is certainly a good option. If you want to utilize their service, then feel free to contact them.

• E Home services

E Home services are another option. These services are well equipped and well trained. They can offer you the best quality service within at affordable price. Moreover, they have a good reputation in this industry and have helped many people to fix their aircon problems. Their team is experienced to offer you the basic service and to fix some major problems as well. You can contact them to know more about their offered services and prices. They will be pleased to answer all your queries and to offer you service to resolve your aircon problem.

Services and Prices

Like the @bsolute Aircon repairing service, E Home services also provide all types of repairing and maintenance services that include general aircon servicing, checking or troubleshooting, aircon overhaul, and chemical cleaning. For the general aircon servicing, you might need to spend up to $100 to $120 depending on the condition of your aircon units. For the chemical cleaning, you will have to spend $80. For the aircon overhaul, you might need to spend $150, and the troubleshooting charges will be $50. The best thing is that you will get up to ninety days warranty on the servicing and thirty days warranty on the part replacement. Hence, visit them to utilize their services and fix your aircon issues on Sundays.

• Singapore Aircon Servicing

Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd is a popular name in Singapore. This servicing center also remains open on Sundays. You can contact them to fix your aircon problems. Their team is experienced and is able to fix any of your repairing and cleaning problems. You can call them to fix your aircon issues or for basic servicing. Their price is affordable. After getting your call, their technician will reach you to evaluate the condition. They will suggest you the repairing services after checking your aircon unit. You can visit their website to know more about their services and prices. For the basic troubleshooting service, they charge $50.

Services and prices

Like the above two, Singapore Aircon Servicing also offers all types of repairing and basic aircon services. Their offered services are general aircon servicing, troubleshooting, aircon overhaul, and chemical cleaning. For general aircon servicing, there is no fixed fee, the charges will depend on the condition of your aircon unit. They normally charge $50 for one fan coil and for more coils you will have to pay less. For chemical cleaning, you might need to spend $80 for one coil, and for the aircon overhaul, the charge will be $150. And you will get up to ninety days warranty on their services.

The charges of all the above three services are more or less same. You can contact any of them to repair your aircon unit on Sundays. The climate of Singapore usually remains hot. It is unbearable to live in Singapore without an aircon unit. As we know, aircon units are expensive. Hence, if you want to use it for a longer time then it is better to go for an annual servicing.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

4 Ways To Fund Your Home Renovation

When looking to facelift your home through major home renovation, one of the most pertinent questions to answer is how you are going to fund that project. As much as making a few changes to your house could result in you having a much better looking home and even having the value of that home increase, all this is going to cost a lot of money. Therefore, before you embark on such an ambitious project, it is best to know exactly where you are going to get the necessary funds to see it through. Are you going to use your own savings? Are you going to shop around for a bank loan? Are you going to borrow from friends and family? All these are great options when it comes to finding the money you need for your home renovation project.

The very first thing you need to do even before you start looking around for financing options, is to determine how much money the entire project is going to need. Today, there are very many competing lenders and loan options available to anyone willing to look. But this also means that shopping around for any kind of loan can be a bit more challenging as the terms and conditions vary greatly. It also means that without having a particular figure in mind, borrowers may end up taking up much more than they need, thus ending up in deeper, unnecessary debt; or they could end up taking much less than they need thus falling short of their target and having to borrow some more at increased rates.

Whichever way you look at it, if you are going to be borrowing, finding a lender is just as important as finding the money itself. You need to look for lenders who are flexible and willing to provide the kind of loan you need at an amicable rate. But, do not feel as if your only financing option falls under borrowing.

Here are 4 Ways to Fund Your Home Renovation in Singapore.

Use your own money
Depending on the magnitude of the home renovations and improvement, you could actually fund the whole project yourself. That is assuming that the project does not run into the millions, funding it from your own pocket is often the best option. You could resort to dipping into your own savings or you could come up with a fiscal budget on what the whole project is going to cost and start saving up for it.

Another option is to look for other avenues of making money to fund the project yourself. These may include selling off a few prized possessions that you are willing to part with. You could sell that old classic car that you have been holding on to; sell other pieces of property such as land if you have and so on. Again, this whole depends on the magnitude of the renovation project.

Get a contractor loan
All over the world, there are contractors who are willing to fund a home building or renovation project provided you use their contracting services and are willing to pay a little extra to make it worth their while. Contractor loans are more common place than you may think. In fact, it may be one of the safest and easiest to acquire home renovation loans available in the market.

You, however, need to approach a contractor who has the resources and the expertise to lend you the money and to provide the services needed for the home renovation project to become a success. This will require some shopping around and you will need to be keen when signing the contract. Look at the terms and conditions careful and ensure that everything included in the contract is agreeable and that you can fulfill your end of the bargain within the allotted time frame.
Although contractor loans may be easier to get, there is a very real chance that the associated rates may be higher than you would get with a bank. It is up to you to make an informed decisions as to which path you want to take. Either way, this is one way to fund your home renovation projects.

Get a bank loan
When you have some collateral, savings and a good credit history, getting a loan from a bank shouldn't be as difficult as most people think. One of the most viable ways to get money to renovate your home is to take out a loan on the very same house you are trying to renovate. You could approach your bank and find out what kind of loan options are available for you. The most common types include mortgage refinancing, secured personal loans where you use your home as security and a home equity loan.

Many of the loan options offered by banks are not as easy to come by and do involve a great deal of paper work. But as long as you can prove to be a worthy borrower, then getting a loan from your bank, no matter the kind, if one of the safest ways to find money for your home renovation project. Be sure to shop around as the lending rates may vary from bank to bank and so will the terms and conditions.

Use your credit cards
If you have credit cards with higher limits, you could use them to finance your home renovation project. That is provided the project is not too big or too expensive. There are some things that you can finance through your credit or even debit card. It all depends on the magnitude of the project.
The best way to approach this is to lay out a projection on how much the whole project is going to cost; see whether or not you can finance it yourself; if not, see what kind of borrowing options are available to you. After that, it is just a matter of choosing one that is favorable and attainable. These are just 4 simple ways to fund your home renovation project in Singapore. There are many others available.

Monday, 22 February 2016

A Comprehensive Review of Fanco Fans

It is a typical warm and humid day of Singapore and you want to cool off after rustling through busy roads, there is no better option than a ceiling fan. They are not expensive. They don't require much power. They are easy to control and do not, by any means pollute the environment. Why buy a ceiling fan when you can afford expensive ACs? Air conditioning system is a costly affair with a lot of maintainance and power costs. Also, sometimes in a humid weather, they are not enough even after costing 50 times more than a ceiling fan. The need for ceiling fan arises when the air conditioning in your house fail to accomplish proper air circulation and distribution adequately. The ceiling fans are efficacious in producing a wind chill effect in your roons during humid summers by rotating air in the room. Your house is designed to enable airflow in it via an internally designed air conditioning system. But to evenly distribute the air pockets, a ceiling fan is the cheapest way.

Before buying and installing a ceiling fan in your home, you need to consider certain things. Firstly, you must consider the location of your house. The climate determines your appliances and uses and a ceiling fan is a less expensive solution for Singapore’s humid climate. You must also consider the space area of the room where the ceiling fan is to be installed. Lastly, you need to carefully decide which company suits you the best, considering their general popularity, warranty period, hidden charges etc. You have a plethora of models to choose from, but consider the one which is sized to your requirements. Blade type, number of blades, length of the blades, R.P.M are some of the factors which should ultimately decide what you want to buy.

Factors to consider before choosing a ceiling fan:
1. You must see that the design of fan you choose suits your present decoration theme. It might be traditional or contemporary or transitional, but should augment the decor of your home. Wooden finish or good metal work gives an elegant look.

2. A very important factor that determines the effeciency of a modern ceiling fan is blade size. Basically, shorter blades means less circulation of air and is suited to small rooms, while fans with larger blades is ideal for larger rooms, like the bedroom or living rooms. The size of the room determines the size of fan you buy.

3. The remote control should have proper and current features. Who doesn't want to speed up without getting up? Also you can rotate it in reverse directions during hot summers to eliminate hot air pockets without moving from your couch.

4. An ideal ceiling fans must be energy effecient and must not consume more than 60 watts.

5. Warranty: You must consider the warranty period of the fan motor. Better ceiling fans are provided with lifetime warranty because they are designed for usage of long term.

One of the most recommended companies for ceiling fans is Fanco ceiling fan. Fanco has been renowned for years for their quality products and service, and Fanco fan marketing has also received awards. So, if you are thinking of installing fanco ceiling fans in your flats or houses, you might find our reviews helpful. Fanco fans, first of all, fulfils the criteria of exquisite designing. They are being created in modern and trendy styles with time. The most important thing is the price, and despite its grand features and looks, the price is reasonable.

Fanco has made the models available in varied sizes such as 42 inches, 54 inches 52 inches. You can choose the one suited to the size of your room where you are going to install it. Size of the fan matters a lot. Larger the size, stronger the breeze it provides. If your room is quite spacious, or you have a large drawing room, you must install three to four of these large sized fans for cooling the whole room as that sets up the winds in the room correctly. A single medium sized room should have a medium sized fan. Remote controls are also available provided with the set of buttons to enable you to operate it with ease. But these remote controls are subject to bad functioning and are not reliable.

Factors which made us choose Fanco over other companies like Elmark or Amasco:

1. Price: Fanco ceiling fans are priced reasonably at 100$ and above. The price goes higher due to transport and installation. They are available in online stores as well, where you could choose far more easily and compare efficiently.

2. Design: Fanco fans are designed for good furnishing. So, if you are installing it in your living rooms or your bedrooms, you can be assured that you will get a colour and design suited to your room.

3. Durability: These fans are generally durable. And the warranty period on the components is upto 5 years and on the motor, it is lifetime!

4. R.P.M: R.P.M means rate/ rotations per minute, which means how any times the fan rotates in a single minute. Clearly, more RPM means more speed, more wind. Before you buy these fans, you must check the R.P.M of the models, so that you can operate the fans in all the possible levels which you might require. It is very steady on the maximum level as well.

5. The detachable lights attached to the fans are designed well. If you want to beautify your home, the lights on the fan are a must-have. They not only provides proper lighting, they add a little sophisticated and luxurious touch to your home.

6. After sales service of Fanco is great. So, if you find some defect, you can contact the company for help and the agent will instantly help you with the same. Usually they reach to you so you don't have to bother for the transport.

7. Fanco provides lifetime warranty to its fan motor.

Why not choose fanco fans?

1. Looks over features: Go for Fanco fans only if you are searching for a good-looking fans. The models come in quality and trendy designs. But when it comes to functioning, it has certain problems. Even though these have been corrected and improved over the years, some defects continue to exist and have been reported by quite a number of users. Nevertheless, Fanco fans are quite popular and they provide good value for money, should you know which model to suit you best.

2. Energy Efficiency: Fanco makes excellent fans with lights, but incase you don't want your electricity bill to rise or don't want your fan to be fancy, there are other options you can consider.

Concluding, buying a fan is not so tough, but you must consider the factors stated above to get the most out of your money. Fans add a beauty to your room and you buy them rarely, so whenever you do, make sure you're doing it right. They are available in online stores at a click away, but for more intense and satisfying shopping go and see them yourselves in the local stores.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Review on @bsolute Services

Our aircon was not working on a weekday and we decided to call @bsolute Aircon Services as this company was recommended by my friend. They arrived on time and got to work immediately. We told them we are unable to turn on our aircon and we found an error code blinking.
They did a check and found out that our aircon pump was weak and that is the reason why it failed to pump out the water.

Overall I was very impressed with their service. They were very knowledgeable. No hard selling was involved. I would recommend @bsolute Aircon Services to anyone who needs aircon servicing or repair. They even have many aircon maintenance and cleaning tips.

@bsolute Services Facebook:
Contact: 8488 8444


Thursday, 21 January 2016

What Are The Standard Process Flow Of Renovating An Office

A good business in Singapore has to regularly renovate its office in order to maintain its growth. Office renovation should be seen as a great way to improve and refresh the looks of a company as well as its operation. When you are thinking about office renovation, many considerations come in to the picture. Designs, layouts and professional advice come in handy to create a great new office place. Being fashionable in the office is a thing of consideration, if your business has to grow.

The design of the floor in your office is among the most important thing in the project. The most expensive carpet and even tiles would fade with time and even wear out and require replacement. When it comes to office renovation, it is definitely good to renovate tiles and carpets as this brings fresh environment. Though it cost a significant amount of money, it is worth replacing.

Changing your office wall sticker or a applying afresh spray of modern paint would bring new life into your office. The walls of your work place can play an enormous part in determining your office environment. Changing the color of your office is of great importance to match the color trends of the premises. Depending on the theme of the work place, one can paint different colors for different parts. Overall appearance of the walls can be changed by adding decor and wall arts.

Daily use of furniture can wear them out. If you are changing the overall picture of the office do not exclude the furniture even if they are not fully worn out .The idea of renovation should include replacement of stained and ripped fabrics. One should not hesitate bringing in a new set of furniture if the renovation budget permits you to replace and refurbish your work place.

If your budget is tight, then simple mending of furniture or even reupholstering of materials can come in and this will also make great impact if done well. One should get a professional interior designer that will provide sound advice on the work place layout if changes are needed.

There are many styles that one can implement and rearrange the office furniture and bring out a more beautiful working place. Office appliances can be put in divided partitions of the office for different reasons. One can make use of unused space by arranging furniture economically and putting cubes in the office.

If you use less space it means less coverage and it will need less maintenance cutting down the cost. Unused space should be used as a store or rented off to be used by others who need the space. Office renovation must not be negated or assumed to be an expense that can wait. Companies that repeatedly renovate their premises increase their sells and get good reputations from their clients after refashioning their work place. One should look for a qualified interior designer that will recommend designs that will bring harmony and effectiveness in the office.

As you decide to renovate your office there are tips that will help you to plan your renovation effectively. These tips include,

Budget: before renovating your office you need to allocate money that will be used in the renovation .One should ask themselves how much you are willing to spent on the work place renovation and if it is worth the renovation.

Fit outs and design cost: This can be allocated depending on the interest of the owner of the office and the fittings you may need to install. You can get the affordable brands of furniture that would best fit in your budget. As for designs there are great designs that can make your office outstanding at affordable costs.

Moving costs: If you will need to move or relocate furniture from one place to another then this cost has to be included in your budget. That will be important too if you will move your furniture temporarily to a new place to allow the office to be painted and also in the renovation of the floor. Bringing the furniture back when the office will be renovated is also another cost that must not be left out.

Renovation time: During this time one should make sure the company business is not affected so much. Choose an appropriate time when you do not have much work. Ensure the time is not too long as clients may think your business is closed down. Put a polite notice to your client informing them about the renovation.

Type of renovation: Establish if you are doing a full office renovation or partial renovation. With full renovation more time will be needed as well as more resources both human resource and financial resources. This call for a detailed budget but with partial renovation little time will be spent as well as finances .One can opt to do either according to the budget allocation on renovations.

Successful office renovations require planning. However one can encounter few challenges. These may include lack of the required designs, contractors that are not qualified and may not give outstanding work, the cost of renovation may rise above the desired budget, and also the themes painted May not came out as the office owner wanted. These few challenges cannot surpass the many tips of office renovations that are mentioned above .If you leave in Singapore get the best interior designer that have experience in this field.

Office renovation is a good investment since it improves the appearance of the office. You will need to renovate your office when the company has grown and more space is needed. This renovation is perfect option to accommodate more work staffs and create new workplace environment that will reflect and fit the growing company. Clients sometimes are choosy and may not like squeezed and shabby offices. If you target young professionals style and design is a must.

There are many business solutions that will be solved by taking a step to renovate your office. Many Singaporeans have taken this option instead of vacating from an unattractive office to new premises since this always brings down businesses. Planning for every space you have and utilizing it effectively can add more value to your business.