Monday, 28 December 2015

Is Renovation Allowed on Sunday in Singapore?

Renovation works are very popular in Singapore as more people seek to upgrade their buildings to fit into modern status. However, finding the right renovation contractor for the job is very important especially one who will not only provide you with quality services but also do the job according to the laid down regulations. Before commencing with your renovation project, it is important to understand the laid down regulations to avoid landing into trouble with the authorities. 

Important timing regulations for renovations in Singapore

As aforementioned, every renovation contractor must adhere to the laid down regulations. The labor laws in particular prohibit the following:

· Noisy renovation works are prohibited on public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.
· All general renovation works should only be carried out between 8am and 6pm daily.
· Noisy renovation including drilling works, wall demolitions, cutting of tiles, floor finishes or removing walls should only be carried out between 9am and 5pm during weekdays.
· DIY (Do-It-Yourself) works such as hammering and drilling should not be carried out from 10:30pm to 7am.

Why renovation works are prohibited on Sundays 

The reason as to why the National Environment Agency prohibits any renovation works on Sundays and public holidays include the following:

· To protect the public from noise associated with such renovation works. Such noise is known to cause disturbances to the people living in the neighborhood including hospitals and learning institutions.
· To allow construction/renovation workers time to rest for the sake of their health and effectiveness. Generally, workers are supposed to work for between 8 and 12hours per day according to employment act.

As the home or flat owner, it is important to know and adhere to these regulations since you will at all times be held responsible for all the renovation works taking place in your property. Any lack of compliance with the set requirements by the contractor affects you directly and the consequence are squarely on you and therefore you will need to ensure that everything works as stipulated in the permit you are issued with for the job.

In addition to not working on public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays, it is also advisable to familiarize yourself with other regulations set to regulate the timings and duration you should take during the renovation projects. Below are some of the additional requirements you should keep in mind during the project.

· If you are renovating a new block, the work should be completed within the first 3 months starting from the day your permit is issued.
· Any renovation work on existing flats or houses must be completed with the first one month upon the approval and issuance of the permit.
· All noisy projects such as demolition of walls, cutting of tiles, wall finishes and removal of floors should only be done between 9am and 5pm. These jobs should not be done on public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.
· The renovation contractor is only allowed to use two hand-held power tools which are approved or allowed equivalents.
· Renovation contractors should not take more than 3 consecutive days demolishing the walls and/or removing walls and/or finishing floors.

Completing of Work

It is your responsibility as the flat owner, to ensure that the renovation contractor you hire is registered and that he completes the work according to the HDB requirements. Together with your renovation contractor, you will also be required to display a Notice of Renovation from the time you are issued with the permit until the project is complete. 

As the flat or homeowner, failure to adhere to the laid down guidelines could see you face tough penalties from the local authorities. Some of these penalties or consequences include the following:

· The HDB can revoke your permit issued for the project or work. This will be followed by a demand for you to reinstate your building to its original status which will definitely be inconveniencing and costly.
· Renovation work that does not comply with the regulations will be considered unauthorized and you can be instructed to either reinstate it to the previous state or remove it all together.

It is also important to apply for a permit and get approval before starting your project. However, if your renovation does not require a permit, you will still need to comply with the regulations which include not working on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 

Friday, 27 November 2015

6 Things To Consider When Renovating Your Office

Office renovation can help you create a more friendly working space for your employees. You can also renovate to get additional room when you expand operations. It is also an opportunity to modernize your equipment and d├ęcor. Renovations can add value if they are done right. Here are 6 things to consider when renovating your office.

1. Renovation Goals
The first thing you need to do is determine why you want to renovate your business premises. Office renovations can offer several advantages for a business whether they are simple improvements or radical upgrades. The changes you make can enhance efficiency, productivity, motivate your employees, and boost your image. You need to set goals before the renovation process begins. This will make it easy to set a realistic schedule and budget.

Work out the specific things you want to attain by renovating. You will find it easier to focus on your plans when you have set goals. Your office renovation objectives should include improving functionality and comfort. These are two of the most important considerations to make when you are selecting new equipment or furniture for your premises.

2. Space Available
Think about the space you want to renovate. Space in this context goes beyond the square footage available on your premises. Consider electrical and water points and any potential challenges that they may pose during the renovation. It will be easier to plan and execute your office renovation if you know the space you will work with.

If you are a tenant, you need to get permission from the landlord to carry out renovations. The landlord may also have to cater for some of the costs depending on the lease agreement.

3. Renovation Contractor
This is another important consideration to keep in mind when you want to renovate your office. Do not settle for a contractor because they have the lowest bid. Some of them will offer a low bid and change their price once the project is underway. Use your networks to find the best contractors in the business and then negotiate for a price that is within your budget. A good contractor will review your plans and offer a pricing structure that is specific to your project.

Find a professional who has carried out several renovations. Take advantage of recommendations to get a reputable contractor. You should only sign a contract once you have seen some of the work the contractor has done. Reviewing their past projects will give you a good idea of what to expect when you work with them.

An insured contractor is the best choice when you are renovating an office. Once you have narrowed down on potential contractors, ask them whether they have insurance and what it covers. This can protect you from incurring heavy losses if anything goes wrong during the office renovation. Insurance will ensure you do not cater for any medical expenses or compensation in case an employee is injured while working on your office.

It is also better to work with someone who understands the latest in office renovation to help you select the right fixtures, furnishings, and furniture.

4. Schedule
A renovation schedule is critical whether you want to open a new business or expand an existing one. You need to have a specific time frame within which you want the renovations to take place. The project can take longer if you still want to continue your office operations while the upgrades are going on. Inform your contractor about your expectations to prevent disappointments.

You also need to factor in delays when coming up with a schedule. Things may not always go according to plan. Your contractor should give you a realistic deadline and ensure the project is complete in good time. Significant delays can lead to huge business losses. A reputable contractor will inform you if there will be any challenges that can make the project take longer than expected.

5. Cost
You need to have a budget for your office renovation project. The budget will depend on the kind of upgrade you want to do in the office. You can set a specific figure and find ways to make the office improvement project fit or determine the changes you want to make and then come up with an estimate.

It is wise to begin with a budget and then determine what you can do with the money available. Choose upgrades that will have a significant impact on your business. You also need to consider hidden costs and potential complications that can increase expenses. A spending plan can also ensure that all the changes are in line with your renovation goals.

It is also important to note that some contractors have a fixed price while others will keep changing their fee as the project continues. You need to know exactly how much they will charge you for their services. Changing fees can disrupt your project and make it difficult for you to attain your goals within the set time.

6. Office Operations and Employee Disruption
You need to consider how the project will affect your operations and employees. Office renovation can disrupt your business operations and employees significantly. Shutting down is not always an option and this is why you need to consider using a temporary facility or asking your employees to work remotely.

Your contractor may also be willing to offer a temporary location for you to work in while the renovations continue. They can also schedule the office renovation for weekends and holidays to ensure there is minimal disruption. Consult the renovation company you are using and come up with an appropriate plan.


Office renovation can help you make the most of your business premises whether you are just starting out or want to remodel to create a more modern space. Remodeling also offers an opportunity to improve your image and create a suitable working environment for your employees. Take advantage of these six considerations when you plan your office renovation. They will help you make the most of your budget and avoid hustles during your project.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Is It Compulsory To Do Spring Cleaning After Renovation?

While renovating your home can be quite exciting, it is the cleaning up that follows soon after that most home owners do not look forward to. Renovations leave the house dusty with bits and pieces of the materials used while renovating. To enjoy your home, you therefore have to think about making the home environment conducive and this is where spring cleaning comes in to save the day. Below are some of the reasons why spring cleaning right after renovations are done is important not just for the sake of your property but also for your safety, health and general wellbeing.

Spring cleaning helps remove toxic substances among other hazards

In most case, renovations will come with copious amounts of dusts that can prove to be toxic and can cause irreversible damage to the lungs or trigger allergies especially where young children are involved. Spring cleanings ensures that this dust is removed by wiping all surfaces such as walls, light fixtures and furniture that would otherwise be ignored while doing regular cleaning. The windows are also not left behind and are thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt and unsightly streaks and stains. The right solutions are used to clean all surfaces in order to get rid of the dust without
compromising the quality of the said surfaces.

It is also common to find wood shavings, metal sheets, electric cables, open paint cans and other materials lying on the floor. 

Leaving these materials on the floor is not only dangerous but may also come with more work for example in the event that some paint spills on the floor you will have to clean that up in addition to cleaning all other surfaces. With spring cleaning, you will get a chance to remove all these materials from the floors and other surfaces and clean all the floors to ensure that the whole area is left sparkling and free of materials and substances that could prove to be dangerous and either discard them or store up those materials that can be useful in future projects.

Just like in the case of walls, the floors have also to be cleaned using the right equipment.

After picking large materials by hand, a vacuum cleaner will come in handy to remove all dust and dust on the surface. Mopping the floors with some soapy water and a rag may also be important depending on the type of the floor. If possible, the floor should also be disinfected to ensure that no germs are left. If there are any carpets, they should also be vacuumed to remove all dirt and dust and ensure that the carpet remains in top condition.

Spring cleans ensures that all surfaces are cleaned at the same go and saves on time

Try to imagine what would happen if you only cleaned the floors and left the walls and other surfaces dusty and untidy. The truth is the renovated area will still look unfinished not to mention the fact the dust on the walls and other surfaces will still fall on the floors forcing you to clean the floors once again. You may also not be in a position to cover all the floor area at a go and may be forced to clean one area more than once especially if there is movement from the un-cleaned area to the cleaned area.

With spring cleaning, all areas are cleaned systematically such that the whole area is left clean.
After a huge renovation project, the amount of work that requires to be done to leave the place clean and tidy is a lot and may even take days if the manpower is not adequate. In such cases, hiring a cleaning company to do the cleaning is a wise move as you will get professionals to clean all your surfaces in just a fraction of the time you would have taken if you had decided to do the spring cleaning on the renovated area all by yourself. Even with small projects, you can still use the professionals to deep clean the renovated area and other areas and take a breather after completing the renovation project. This will save you a lot of time and ensure that all your surfaces are professionally cleaned.

It is easy to see incomplete areas and take immediate action after cleaning

With renovation, especially where different areas are involved, it is possible that a contractor may overlook some areas or leave some renovations incomplete. When this happens, it is important to contact the contractor as soon as possible so that all renovations are completed to your satisfaction. The truth however is that such areas may not be easy to see especially with layers of dirt and debris on the surface. Spring cleaning makes it easier to see such areas and take appropriate time in the shortest duration possible. This will safeguard you from losses that may come from unfinished projects and ensure that you get the value for the resources spent while renovating.

From the above points, it is clear that spring cleaning after renovation is important if you are to enjoy the new look and be comfortable in the renovated space. Spring cleaning will ensure that all surfaces are left free of dirt and dust that may be detrimental to your health and also get rid of materials that may lead to accidental falls and injuries. If you have adequate manpower and the skills and equipment to clean different surfaces, then you can go ahead and spring clean your home.

Just ensure that all cleaning is done a few days after the renovations are completed. The cleaning should also be systematic starting from the ceiling, light fixtures to the walls and windows and finally to the floors. If however you feel that spring cleaning is a lot of work, you can hire professionals to do the spring cleaning for you. This will take a lot off your plate and ensure that you enjoy quality services and get the renovated area and all surfaces adequately cleaned in no time at all.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

@bsolute - The best carpet supplier in Singapore

As a homeowner, you always want your home to look smart and unique. Did you know that the type of carpet that you choose will affect the appearance of your home? This is why @bsolute is here for you. Any home owner in Singapore can pet on our performance. Several clients who have worked with have a single phrase to describe us – the best carpet suppliers. If you are in doubt if this, perhaps you need to read the customer reviews that our past customers have given about us. In fact, our present customers are referred to us by our previous customers – thanks to our reliable service delivery.

What makes @bsolute the most reliable carpet supplier in Singapore?

There are several aspects that should be considered in answering the question above. They include:

1. The reputation

The company strives to offer satisfaction to its customers. Basically, the carpet industry is full of fraudsters who con unsuspecting customers. Take the case of a supplier who sells you a poor quality carpet at a high price. What can you say about such service providers? We understand that we are in business because of our customers. That is why the quality of items that we offer will offer satisfaction. A date with us will ensure that you get something that matches what you pay.

2. Prices

We offer the best prices ever. Though we charge reasonable prices, a customer needs not doubt the quality of our carpets. In fact, before a customer buy from us, we normally advice them to conduct research on the prevailing carpet rates. This ensures that customers get satisfied on the prices that we charge for out products.

3. After sale services

When you buy from @bsolute, there are additional benefits that you will get. A part from our unbeatable prices, customers will be sure to get additional services depending on their arrangements with the company.

4. Presence of a wide variety of carpets to choose from

Perhaps you have visited a friend and you fall in love with his/her carpet. When you visit our stores, you are bound to change your mind. We have a wide variety of carpets for you to choose from. We always collect samples from various locations. Samples exist in pictures and real samples for our customers to feel their quality. When you feel them physically, you will be able to tell if the carpet is best for your home.

5. The customer care team

We have a wonderful customer care team. Through use of various contact options, a customer will be sure to have his/her issues fixed. For instance, if you want to inquire about the availability of a specific carpet, you can simply give us a call instead of travelling to our stores. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, we strongly advocate that you contact us because we welcome any suggestions from our customers.

Generally, there are a lot of reasons that should compel anyone who is looking for a carpet to come to us. An experience with us will add value to your home.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

7 Useful Tips On Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen is the centre of most activities in Singaporean homes. It is therefore not surprising that kitchen renovation is dream project for home owners. They come up with elaborate plans on how you want the kitchen to look, how the counter is placed, where to install the lights, and other constructional details. Renovating a kitchen is a good idea as it increases the value of your home and eases your lifestyle.

The following are the 7 Useful Tips On Kitchen Renovation every homeowner should know:

It is advisable to plan for your kitchen renovation in advance. Good planning reduces the amount of time you will be inconvenienced by the construction problems as they will be minimized. In addition, this will help you stay on budget. You planning should be about three months. This way, you will not be tempted to change your mind when construction is in progress. Any change order during the construction is likely to inflate the construction costs and in turn eat on your budget. The following are tips to help you plan:
· Study your current kitchen
· Take into account traffic patterns
· Have ergonomics in mind
· Plan for the future
· Ask for expert help

Maintain same footprint
Some of the things that will drive up costs of renovation quickly other than changing location of electrical outlets and plumping pipes, and bringing down the walls. This is where construction problems arise. It is therefore important to keep water fixtures, appliances, and walls in same location as before. This will help you save both on demolition and reconstruction costs. In addition, you will cut amount of debris and dust the project generates.

Use quality materials
You should choose top quality materials as they add value and durability to your kitchen. For instance, good quality drawer hinges and slides ensure the cabinet doors will remain closed and the drawers will not stick. You should avoid drawers which are stapled together. The same case goes with drawers made of particleboard. Wood veneer is ideal for cabinet interiors as it more durable compared to particleboard, laminate, or MDF. Nowadays, glass and tiled splashbacks are quite popular as stainless steel. You should always choose the best quality which you can afford. When choosing materials for renovation, always consider the following things:
· Easy to clean
· Stain resistant
· Cost

The kitchen is an important place where family gathers around for meals. Your guests can also sit around to chat. You need adequate light in your kitchen. This is necessary to avoid minor accidents from happening. Is the lighting functional? Is the lighting creating ambience you want. It is important to note that successful lighting scheme is dependent on good planning. You should ensure all kitchen areas are well-lit and there are no shadows. Install strip lights or clip-on lights beneath the wall cabinets. On your island unit, consider hanging pendant lights and good tasking lighting above sink or dishwasher. You should replace harsh strip lighting, which creates unproductive and unpleasant light. Install dimmers above the dining spots where you want to create mood and above dining spots within the eat-in kitchens.

Benchtops, Cupboard doors and Handles
Solid wood, composite or stone benchtops are very popular nowadays. However, they are very costly. If you want the same looks for an affordable cost, you can go for finest natural materials like granite, solid timber, Corian, or marble. There are also some cheat tricks that will help you achieve great looks at a small cost. It is advisable to realign the existing benchtop with timber laminates and apply matching edge to get solid timber appearance.

If the current cupboards in your kitchen are in good condition, there is no need of replacing them. Just give them facelift by re-lining front of doors in new modern material. If you are an admirer of industrial kitchens, you can re-clad the cupboard doors in durable materials such as stainless steel. You can also replace the doors but keep body of cabinets intact. You can have your doors made by specialist cabinetmaker. Handles provide cheapest and easiest way to spruce your kitchen. There are a lot of options currently on the market. Handles range from traditional brass and porcelain to contemporary stainless steel.

Choose your appliances well
Nowadays, kitchens ought to function efficiently and look sleek. This extends greatly to the appliances you choose. For instance, there are many pyrolytic ovens, which cook faster and have self-cleaning features. You should go for induction cooktops that switch off automatically when pot is removed. Save on space by having a refrigerator with integrated TV, chilled water dispenser, and ice-makers. Some home owners want to have their appliances hidden in the cabinetry as much as possible, while others want them on display. If you love to display your appliances then purchase ones with stylish stainless-steel finishes and glass fronted wine chillers.

Choose nice paints
For economical and fast renovation, you cannot look past nice paints. This is because paint can be applied to any surface in your kitchen, from floors and cabinets even to the white goods. A nice paint is able to transform a tired, dull, dark kitchen to an attractive one. It is advisable to contact a painting contractor for the best advice. You should keep in mind that kitchen surfaces ought to be easy to clean. For instance, semi-gloss and satin paints tend to be easier to apply and clean.

Renovating your kitchen is very important as it adds value to your home and eases your lifestyle. The above tips will help make your kitchen stand out in your neighbourhood. It is necessary to plan your renovation early as this will help you determine the budget and acquire materials in advance. Kitchen renovation works are not meant for novices but rather experienced contractors. Good renovation should create space for storage and work surfaces and your kitchen should become beautiful. While hiring your contractor there are a number of things you should take into account such as experience in kitchen renovations, licensing, cost, past projects completed, and reviews from past clients.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Where To Find Staircase Grill In Singapore

The staircase grill is for the most part thought to be an extremely critical component of any high rise building, be it for residential or commercial purposes. First and foremost these products serve an integral role of safeguarding the optimal safety of both the inhabitants and visitors to such buildings as they make their way up and down the various floors.

· However, over the recent years staircases grills, balusters and railings have increasingly began to be viewed as indispensable components. That can effortlessly enhance the comeliness and aesthetic value of the buildings they are fitted.

· To this specific end, these one of a kind products now more than ever come in a wide range of designs and even materials. From which you as a high rise building owner can effortless choose the right one solely based on your needs as well as preferences. Whether they are functional varieties for your office block or even exquisite types for your home.

· Many staircase grill are renowned for their unmatched versatility in matching typically any kind of building design from those that integrate elements of traditional architecture to modern ones. There are plenty of options that are laid out for you that can enable you to arrive at the desired solution for your exact needs.

· When it comes to the various materials options that can be utilized to craft a staircase grill, the sky is simply the limit. There are rustic wood, iron, wrought iron, aluminium, stainless steel and even glass varieties of these products.

· While some of the most ultra modern kinds are known to integrate a delightful blend of one or more of these materials. The end result in such craftsmanship is usually aesthetically pleasing grills that also fully serve their primary function. Which is simply protecting all those who utilize staircases that they have been erected in from the risk of sustaining injuries while moving up and down.

· As for the exact design choices for a staircase grill there is a plethora of options you can be in a position to select, especially if you happen to live in Singapore. Many crafters and distributers of these items offer a wide range of popular designs, most of which can also be customized to your exact instructions.

· There are the conventional varieties (usually made of metals), others that integrate floral patterns, gothic designs and also some that incorporate straight colours.

· Should you be an oriental design (usually crafted from wood) fan, there are plenty of such designs you may like to give a try. Not to forget grills that have a western touch, which are normally crafted from a mixture of materials like precious metal and glass. This gives rise to products that are highly acclaimed for their unmatched elegance and attractiveness in whatever application they are designed for.

· Consequently should you perhaps be in need of a staircase grill for either your office building or your home , there are definitely many choices you will be presented with.

· Depending on your tastes, design inclinations, and more importantly budget, you can be in an excellent position to acquire the best product that matches them to the T. This brings us to the next question you may probably now be asking yourself: “Just exactly where can I find the right staircase grill in Singapore?” Well the answer to that kind of question is simply virtually anywhere you may be located in this country.

· There are plenty of firms that make it their business to manufacture these products and ultimately sell them to their wide clientele base in different parts of Singapore. Most of these companies have put in place offices and plants all over the country. Which are meant to serve those individuals or business establishments that are on the lookout for these and more staircase products for their buildings.

· By simply paying a visit to any one of them or contacting them over the phone, you will be able to conveniently access these invaluable services.

· Many of these firms are known to offer accurate quotes and estimates totally free of charge, and based on your distinct needs (building’s dimensions, and budget) you can easily determine just how much it will cost.

· To make things even better, a large number of these business establishments have taken it upon themselves to set up highly interactive websites. From which you can effortlessly access in-depth information and resources on all matters related to a staircase grill , railings, balusters and even posts.

· Many of these websites also have intuitive tools that can permit you to ascertain just how the materials you need will cost. Along with the labour costs of having their skilled and experienced craftsmen install these items in your building.

· As would be expected like anywhere else in the world these products are crafted in strict adherence to the prevailing safety regulations that govern this particular industry in Singapore. This goes a long way in making sure that any mishap that can possibly occur such as children heads getting trapped in between poles is restricted.

· It is also worthwhile to mention that these firms that offer many a staircase grill integrate a high level of workmanship into their products. Be it the case of replacing old ones or even installing brand new ones. Which definitely can make them be regarded as excellent design statements that facilitate for an uncommon touch of elegance and style to an empty space that ordinarily be neglected. While also been considered unworthy of the effort to try to enhance its aesthetic attributes.

· Once again it is important to note that there are quite a number of business establishments that specialize in manufacturing these stair items in Singapore.

· Undoubtedly one of the leading of these firms is Singapore Renovations that apart from offering diverse services also offer custom designed staircase grills for their esteemed customers. By taking time to visit their website you can place yourself on the highroad of accessing a wide variety of unique designs for these products.

· Hope this staircase grill review has been insightful.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

How Often Should You Paint the Exterior of Your House?

When you want to improve the overall appearance and look of your home, you need to learn about how you can paint the exterior side of your home. It is recommended for you to paint your home regularly, in order to have beautiful exterior of your property. There are some important factors that require you to increase the frequency of your painting process in your home. Here are some important things that you should consider, so you can get maximum benefits from your painting process. When you take a look at these simple tips, you are able to determine the painting frequency in your home easily. 

1. Some cracks or peels

This is the main reason why you may want to paint the exterior side of your home. When you are able to see some peels or cracks on the surface of your property, you should repaint the wall of your home regularly. Painting the exterior side of your home can reduce the overall look and appearance of these cracks. It is recommended that you hide these cracks because they can attract moisture and insects to enter your property. It is a great idea for you to inspect your home regularly, in order to find some of these signs. 

2. Some mold spots

You should realize that mold can grow well on your wall. Some mold species can cause mold spots that appear in black or grey spots. These spots can reduce the overall appearance of your home. If you want to have beautiful home appearance, you should consider repainting your own home regularly. You can use high quality paint for removing any of these mold spots immediately. It is recommended for you to remove these mold spots, especially if you want to improve the overall home value significantly. When you follow all tips from this page, you should never have to face any problems with mold. 
3. Before you sell your home

It is recommended for you to repaint the exterior side of your home, especially before you sell your own home. You should understand that repainting your home can help you improve the overall value of your property. Most buyers are usually attracted to any properties with beautiful exterior look. As the result, you are able to sell your property easily after you paint the exterior side of your home regularly. You can select the best painting color that is very popular among many customers these days, for example white, yellow, brown, and many other calm colors. 

4. When you see some holes on the wall

It is very common for you to have some holes on the wall. These holes can be caused by any factors, such as weathers, insects, microorganisms, and many other common factors. It is recommended for you to close these holes by using the best painting material today. You need to repaint your wall surface with the best painting material, in order to reduce the appearance of any holes on the wall surface. Some high quality painting materials are able to hide any holes that may occur on the surface of your property. 

5. During extreme weather

This is another common factor that requires you to repaint your own property regularly. It is recommended for you to repaint your property during any extreme weathers, such as snows, thunderstorm, heavy rain, dry air, and many other extreme situations. Some of these conditions can reduce the overall look and appearance of your paint. Because of this reason, you need to replace your current paint with the new one today. You can repaint your own property with the best painting material that is durable against any extreme weathers. 

6. Whenever you are bored with the current paint

When you feel uncomfortable or bored with your current paint, you can simply replace it with the new one. It is a great idea for you to use the best painting color that is suitable for your own needs. Make sure that you choose the best painting color based on your preference. If you want to get all benefits from your paint, you can replace the color of your painting in every 1 - 2 months. Don't forget to consult with professional designers, so they can provide the best suggestions or ideas for finding the best painting color for yourself. 

7. When the color is fading

Some painting materials are going to lose their colors, especially when they are exposed to excessive sun light. When this situation occurs, you can have a great option to repaint your property regularly. It is recommended for you to repaint any fading colors on the exterior side of your property, in order to provide the best design for your home. Nowadays, you can find any types of painting materials that are made from durable products. These durable paints are able to last for a few years without having to worry about the fading problems. 

8. Look at the material

You should also take a look at the materials of your exterior space. Different materials usually require different painting frequency. Wood shingles usually require to be repainted or treated more often than other regular materials, such as cement fiberboard siding. There are many other durable materials that are able to last for a few years without having to be repainted regularly. If you want to discuss about some recommended materials, you can contact the best exterior designers today. They are ready to provide the best suggestions or ideas for all customers easily. 

It is recommended for you to take a look at all of those factors, so you can determine the right painting frequency for your property. You need to contact the best exterior designers who are available in Singapore. Some of them are ready to help you select the best paint for your exterior side of your property. Repainting your exterior regularly can bring a lot of benefits for you and your families who live inside your property. Because of this reason, you have to repaint your property regularly for finding the best benefits from this procedure. You can repaint your exterior side of your property at least once in every 1 - 6 months, in order to get all benefits from this painting procedure.